The Big DevOps Misunderstanding

When the term DevOps came up it was all about a simple idea:

You build it, you run it

— Werner Vogels

Back then IaaS and PaaS matured and allowed developers to deploy their applications by themself. So they do not have to “throw” their application code over the fence to the ops department anymore. Instead, software engineers were enabled to deploy applications to production by themselves.

At some point in time, this idea has been so widely misunderstood that the wrong definition of DevOps became the right one. We now have special roles or departments which write “infrastructure as code” or “pipeline as code” to deploy applications.

In my opinion, this is not DevOps but an evolution of simple system operations (SysOps). Why? Because writing the application and bringing it into prod is still done by different roles or departments.

This trend is also supported by Kubernetes as this is a technology which is hard to master. So people start splitting up responsibilities again. One part of the team developing the application the other part of the team managing the infrastructure.

Things get much easier if you start with a Platform as a Service (PaaS) instead.

Best Regards,

Oliver, working on MonsterWriter