When the term DevOps came up it was all about a simple idea:

You build it, you run it

— Werner Vogels

Back then IaaS and PaaS matured and allowed developers to deploy their applications by themself. So they do not have to “throw” their application code over the fence…

I recently stumbled upon an interesting article stating that Positioning Your Startup is Vital.

The nice thing about the article is that it provides a template and some fundamental questions when it comes to positioning. So you can get started to apply the knowledge right away. And that is exactly what I did for MonsterWriter. The template looks like this:

For (target customer)
Who (statement of need or opportunity),
(Product name) is a (product category)
That (statement of key benefit).
Unlike (competing alternative)
(Product name)(statement of primary differentiation).

For MonsterWriter I filled out the blanks like this:

For students
Who write their thesis,
MonsterWriter is a word processor
That reduces the time authors spend formatting.
Unlike traditional word processors
MonsterWriter puts the focus on the content and does the formatting automatically.

Because you need a Ph.D. degree in AWS infrastructure to have a rough idea of how big your bill will be at the end of the month.

End of Story

Oliver Wolf

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